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    Marketing & National Importing Board

    Marketing & National Importing Board
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    The mandate of the Marketing & National Importing Board is enshrined in the Act of Parliament (as amended) by which it was established.  The Marketing Board Act 1973 establish the Marketing Board β€˜to market produce of Grenada’ which are not marketed under statutory authority and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.  According to the Act, the duties of the Board included the following:

    Buying and selling of specified produce ;

    • Processing and marketing of  produce to the benefit of producers (italics ours);

    • Purchasing, handling, storage, exportation, shipping and marketing of all produce;

    • Assisting agricultural and fisheries co-operatives to dispose their produce; and

    • Making recommendations to the Minister on matters relating to specified produce.


    In addition to these duties the Act gave the Board the power to inter alia:

    • Buy and sell any and all produce;

    • Establish and operate depots and agencies to buy, deliver, grade and sell all produce;

    • Enter into transportation, supply and sales contracts;

    • Establish systems for the purchase of produce;

    • Establish and operate processing and cold storage facilities;

    • Trade and deal in feeding stuff for livestock, seeds, fertilizer, insecticides and such other commodities as may facilitate the operations of producers;

    • Trade in packaging materials;

    • Operate a shipping agency;

    • Appoint agents and grant licenses for purchasing or exporting any produce on its behalf;

    • Do wholesaling and retailing;

    • Set sales prices to provide for a commission and cover all direct, operational and marketing costs.

    • Implicit in the Act was that the Board should carry out its duties and exercise its powers in a manner that will benefit producers and facilitate their operation.