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    Deco Industries Ltd

    Deco Industries Ltd
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    Contact: Mr. Edwin De Caul

    Mt. Gay, P.O. Box 170, St. George's

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    Putting Our Experience to Work For You.

    General info

    Started in 1978, Deco Industries employs nearly 150 employees and is one of Grenada's most successful companies thanks to its unique way of doing business. Engaging an employee-centric philosophy, through employee training and encouraging a sense of responsibility towards their employment, Deco is able to achieve superior production, quality and service which directly benefits the consumer.

    Deco Industries 1990 Ltd is Grenada's #1 manufacturer of the highest quality T-shirts, bags and beach wear, supplying both local and regional markets.

    Deco Servicenter offers 24-7 service at its well-stocked mini mart as well as the sale of Gas, Diesel, and LPG.

    Deco Wholesale operates a distribution division, wholesaling the popular Mountain Top spring water, 10 Saints beer, Liquid Nitro Herbal Energy and a wide variety of drinks, juices and dry goods; as well as paper and plasticware, household and car products.